Its very simple we buy the stuff we like…. It happens that people also like the stuff we buy….

At Screaming Donkeys we look for the unusual, the original, and sometimes the tatty, that forgotten piece that needs a little love and attention. We scour the area looking for those pieces buried in an attic or in a shed, that something that can bring a light into your house, and turn it into a home.


We are based in the hills of Wicklow, with 20 years of retail experience and a love for Antiques Retro and Pre Century Furniture. A pet hate for us is waste so if we can save that piece from the skip, we will…. and give it a new lease of life. We work with many Interior Designers, sourcing Commission Items and Unique Pieces to be “Upcycled”  and loved again by  you..

We can be found at many markets and fairs around the country. This is where we meet the people on a one to one basis talking antiques and making contacts.

  Its all about the history and the story. Here at Screaming Donkeys we look for original and unusual pieces, we meet and talk to the people who can tell us about the piece, be it a chair  a locker or a picture..


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